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• Participated PrintExpo at Trade Center, Chennai

JUN 14

PrintExpo has achieved positive reaction from the printing, labeling and publishing sectors as this event is titled to be the largest exhibition where such equipments and machineries are displayed that are undiscovered in the past. The organizers have promised that this 7th edition is going to be 70 percent better and larger than the past editions. The company owners, consultants, directors, art directors, graphic designers and much more are cordially invited to scrutinize all the items. The targeted and interested candidates are privileged and can have a look at embossing machines, platen punching machines, screen printing machines, direct laser positive films, strapping machines and much more that are designed with latest technologies. This business trade show will be running for three consecutive days and the scheduled venue is Chennai Trade Centre, India.

• Participated NPrintTech at Trade Center, Chennai

JUN 14

N PRINTECH TODAY 2013 is an exhibition for the Next generation printing technology encompassing all the innovations & latest technology available in the contemporary printing and print related industries on a single platform.

N PRINTECH TODAY Expo showcases in a nut-shell where today's print industry is headed. The Expo is an exclusive exhibition focusing on New Print Technology from Screen Printing, Pad Printing, Ink Jet Printing, Photo Printing, Offset Printing, Digital Printing, Laser Printing, Foil Printing, UV Printing, Relief printing, Letter press printing, Gravure printing, Intaglio printing, Textile printing, Flexography, Cutting & Binding equipment, Inks, dyes & chemicals, Hot wax dye transfer, Pre and Post Press machines & accessories, Embroidery & Engraving machineries and related segments. The Expo is an interface between the industry members and technology providers in all segments.

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