NexPrint 22x28

NexPrint 22 x 28, an semi-automatic screen printing machine targeted to printers looking for low budget, high performance machines. The NexPrint 2228  offered at a discounted price of INR4,65,000 plus,The NexPrint comes in One model.NexPrint 2228, This machine have a vacuum bed. is meant for general purpose such as stickers, labels, garment tags, wedding cards and such printing jobs. For those who wish to print jobs with UV ink or varnish, the company has also designed a new UV curing machine with 24-inch curing and 28-inch configurations. The other features are: adjustment of screen height, Separate squeegee pressure; the stainless vacuum bed has size of 26.7 x 35inch. It can fit screen frame size of min 26 inch and max: 34 inch. Weighing 310 kg approx, the compact machine has a dimension of 50 inch (L) x 37.4inch (W) x 52inch (H).

No Compressor Required
No Compressor Required

It is a single-phase printer which runs without a compressor. Moreover, screen printing inks and materials suppliers in every city are invited to take distributorship for NexPrint 1218 and it will be a game changer as it can add a new offering into their existing portfolio of diverse products.

Single Phase
Single Phase

The NexPrint can run at a production speed of 1050 impressions per hour and can be extended up to 1200 as per operators’ capabilities. Moreover, the compact machine can be placed in a 5×5 ft room, and use just a normal home power supply. It is especially designed to fit the entry door of a home or easily move into floors as it has Castor wheels.

Make in India
Make in India

As a Make in India Scheme, this entry-level screen printing machine will bring benefit to end-users, and offer the best screen printing solutions. Over the years, based on our customers’ feedback, we have been upgrading all our machines. Shortly, we are going to release one or two new models with striking features.

More Data will be Updated
More Data will be Updated

more data   will be updated 

Description Details
Max Print Area 22 inch x28 inch (559 mm x 711 mm)
Vacuum Bed 26.7x 35 (678 mm x 912 mm)
Vacuum Bed Movement for Registration ± 7 mm
Cycle Time 1050/ per hour non stop
Screen Frame Size Min: 26(660 mm x 508 mm)
Screen Frame Size Max: 34 (864 mm x 1016 mm)
Max Off- Contact 10mm
Max Substrate Thickness 3mm
Screen Frame Thickness 1.0
Squeegee Holders along with machine 16inch (406 mm) min & 24inch (610 mm) max
Squeegee Holders Angle 19°
Flood Coater 20inch (508 mm) min & 26inch (660 mm) max
Power Consumption 220V AC, single phase, 7 Amps, 50 HZ, 2 HP (1.5 kW)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 50 x 37.4 x 52 (1250 x 950 x 1330 mm)
Weight 310 Kg


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