IR Dryer

IR Dryer  with 4 stage air circulation with PTFE tuflon coated mesh belt witstand up to 140  degree .this is Dryer is sustable for to cure PVC incks and Plastrosal  Ink and Water base ink 

Shortwave IR Bulb
Shortwave IR Bulb

We used Shortwave Ir Bulb for dust free curing 

Description Details
Arc Length 32 inches
IR Bulb Numbers 3 bulb x 4 station = 12 Bulb
Curable Thickness 0-5 mm
Conveyer Width 36 inches
Minimum & Maximum Temp 40 to 140 Degree
Electrical Power 440V/50 AMPS/3 Phase
Over all Dimension(W X L X H) 45” X 14 ft X30”