24 Inch UV Dryer

24 inch UV Dryer comes with two option 200 watts per inch and  300 watts per inch ,it is susitable for all uv appliction such as spot uv ,special effects ,wedding card printing ,etching plates ,PCB,etc 

German Bulb
German Bulb

UV bulb imported from Germany 

Description Details
UV Arc Length 24”(inches)
UV Watts per inch 200 or 300 Watts / Inch
Curable Object Thickness 0-3 mm
Conveyer Width 28”(Inches)
Curing Speed 5 mtr/min
Susitable Inks 200 or 300 watts screen Printing ink
Recommended Mesh 140T Yellow
Electrical Power 440v /3 Ph/35 or 42 Amps
Overall Dimension(W X L X H) 32” X 64”X30”(inches)
Weight 250 Kg (Approx)

24 Inch Uv

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