Large Format Exposure

Large format exposure is used for bigger size screen up to  50/55 inches frame screens ,it used to expose 3 KWts UV single bulb ,this machine need 3 phase power supply 

3 Kwts
3 Kwts

3 Kwatts UV Bulb is one of the most power full Bulb in the industry ,single orgin power source delivers accureate exposing and supreier strenth 

Description Details
UV Bulb 3 Kwts Metal Halide Lamp
Screen Frame Size(L X W X T) 5 50 “ X 55 “ X 1.5 “(Inches)
Vacuum Motor 0.5 Kwts
Electrical Power 440 V/3 Ph/50 Hz/30 Amps(4 Hp)
Overall Dimension(W X L X H) 55” X 55 “X 70” (Inches)
Weight 220 Kg Approx


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